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Attorneys Should Adjust Their Marketing Strategy During The Election Cycle

As the 2024 general election draws near, candidates are going to be spending big bucks for attention on the internet. Some sources estimate that political ad spend will reach as high as $18 billion this year, 30% more than in 2020!

That means that competition for eyeballs is going to increase as we get closer to November. And that means that the cost of attorneys’ ad spend is going to increase. Fortunately, there are a few things your law firm can do to mitigate the negative impact of election cycle ad spending:

1) Spend more earlier in the year and after the election.

Political ad spending will inevitably increase as the year goes on and peak just before the November election. As such, you should spend more earlier in the year and just after the election, when political ad spend is essentially removed from the system.

2) Focus on Spanish marketing.

While candidates are advertising in Spanish more and more, they concentrate their ad spending on the English-language market. The competition for Spanish-speakers’ attention will increase, as will the cost of marketing to them. However, the competition and increase in cost for marketing in Spanish will likely be far less than the competition and increase in cost for marketing in English.

3) Focus on channels that are free of political advertising.

As we noted in a previous blog, offline marketing efforts such as mobile consulate visits and live events in the local Hispanic community can be very effective means of generating new Hispanic leads. If politicians are clamoring for online attention during this election cycle, then focus more of your efforts on marketing in the “real world”.

The 2024 election is going to create competition for peoples’ attention like we’ve never seen before. Make sure to prepare your marketing efforts so your law firm’s messaging doesn’t get lost in the political infighting.

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