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Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE

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Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE

Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE

Promoting your law firm can be costly, but there are ways to advertise to potential clients for free! Here are just a few:

1) Directory sites like Avvo and Justia. Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE

Avvo and Justia are popular websites that feature free attorney listings organized by region and area of practice. Your competitors probably have listings on these sites…they’re particularly popular with personal injury attorneys. If you don’t have one yet, make sure to take a moment and create one! Best Places Lawyers Can Advertise For FREE

2) State and local bar associations.

Most bar associations offer a lawyer referral service for free. In many areas, when someone needs help, say for a personal injury claim, they’re referred to a single lawyer who can assist with their case.

Being that one attorney is a tremendous advantage…you absolutely want to be on state and local bar associations’ referral lists!

3) Map platforms like Google Maps, Bing Places, and Apple Maps.

If you haven’t already, you absolutely want to create a profile for each of these platforms. Doing so is quick and easy and could put your law firm in front of thousands of prospective clients who search for local attorneys.

In a previous blog, we gave you tips about how to maximize the effectiveness of your Google Business Profile for Google searches. Since GBPs and Google Maps Profiles are synonymous, you definitely want to follow the advice given in that blog!

Your marketing efforts can be expensive and time consuming. Through these free advertising channels, you can promote your law firm effectively at an unbeatable cost.

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