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Know The Latest TCPA Updates

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Know The Latest TCPA Updates and Best Practices Before Buying Risky Hispanic Leads

Failure to comply with TCPA rules can result in fines and legal action against your law firm. And you don’t even have to intentionally fail to comply to get on the wrong side of TCPA regulations…just buying Hispanic leads can land you in hot water if those leads aren’t vetted.

While the potential Hispanic clients’ contact information your law firm buys may be legitimate, using it may constitute a violation of the TCPA if the information pertains to potential Hispanic clients who didn’t give express consent to contact them. When you buy leads, you have to make sure express consent was given in a number of ways:

  • Proper consent should specify the number to be called and which entities may call it.
  • Proper consent should state the purpose and frequency of contact
  • Proper consent should clearly authorize your firm to contact the Hispanic lead using an autodialer or prerecorded voice.

Additionally, your law firm should include appropriate TCPA risk mitigation when buying Hispanic leads from lead sellers:

  • Checking on the reputation of the lead source. (Have other law firms complained about it?)
  • Checking to see if the lead source has any criminal or civil actions against it.
  • Checking the Hispanic leads your firm buys against a current copy of the National Do Not Call registry.
  • Making sure your calling equipment provides clear and accurate ID info.
  • Creating and enforcing a policy regarding TCPA requirements for your law firm.
  • Training your law firm’s staff about TCPA requirements.
  • Carrying commercial liability insurance that covers TCPA violations, if available in your area.

Due to the TCPA’s recent updates, buying Hispanic leads has become a risky endeavor. By following the above tips and staying updated on the latest regulations, you can make sure that your firm stays ahead with safe lead generation and outreach best practices.

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