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PI Attorneys Are Poised To Dominate Their Local Hispanic Market

PI Attorneys: Gain Hispanic Automobile Accident Clients With These 4 Strategies!

In just 2020 alone, there were 5,250,837 traffic collisions.

In 2021, that number jumped 16% to 6.10 million.

Despite commanding nearly 20% of the national population, only 5.8% of lawyers in the United States are Hispanic.

This means that there’s tremendous opportunity to gain Hispanic automobile accident clients!

This Is Where Your Law Firm Comes In

In 2021, that number jumped 16% to 6.10 million.

Soaring car accident rates result in an increased demand for legal services. This much is obvious.

But there are few Hispanic-friendly personal injury law firms. This presents an opportunity for your firm to gain Hispanic automobile accident clients.

That’s not all: While the English-speaking injury law market is becoming increasingly saturated, the Spanish-speaking market offers smaller ad spends with greater results!

Here Are 4 Tips PI Lawyers Can Use To Gain Hispanic Automobile Accident Clients:

1. Delegate intake to a Spanish-speaker.

Allowing potential Hispanic automobile accident clients to speak with someone in their native language immediately transforms a lifeless and procedural attorney’s office into a familiar and welcoming study. Hispanic clients are more likely to reach out to law firms that display bilingual competence and cultural familiarity.

t’s imperative that you hire a bilingual employee or interpreter that can take the lead on depositions and discovery processes; even the smallest missed detail can completely derail an otherwise sure-win personal injury case! Make sure to train this Spanish-speaking employee on essential questions to be asked during the discovery process.

2. Use bilingual marketing assets.

A bilingual employee can also help you create brochures, pamphlets, infographics, intake systems, and other assets that resonate with the client. These assets can be used to inform clients of their rights, demystify complex concepts, provide clarification, and encourage the client to be fully involved with their case.

Hispanic automobile accident clients prefer online scheduling systems; forcing them to call in and speak with an attorney they can’t communicate with is a sure-fire way to lose their business!

We suggest circumventing the issue entirely with bilingual intake systems the client can use to self-assess whether or not they have a case. If the client were to win their case, they’d have a compelling value proposition to share with their friends and family:

“All I had to do was spend 5 minutes filling out an online form…they won my case for $10,000!”

3. The 21st Century Billboard – Spanish-Ready Websites and Beyond

Websites are the billboards of the 21st century, and having a good one means more traffic, more interest, and more clients.

We show you how to create effective Spanish-ready websites HERE. But how do you market BEYOND a Spanish-ready website? How do you take your marketing to the next level?

 Consider building connections with Hispanic community members and local businesses to better understand their needs. But don’t stop there! You can gain Hispanic automobile accident clients by creating multi-channel systems that effectively guide your prospects to articles and blog posts you’ve made regarding their questions.

Combine this with a bilingual automated phone system and Spanish feedback forms to improve your marketing on a regular basis.  

Buying patterns and consumer preferences are changing all the time, and providing a bilingual feedback form lets you stay ahead of the game AND give customers an outlet for their voices to be heard! 

The Bottom Line

Automobile accents are on the rise, and more and more Hispanic automobile accident clients need help. Using the above 4 strategies, you can capture this market and serve the Hispanic community at the same time!

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