Understanding What Is Tone-deaf and What Is Appropriate Around Multicultural Holidays

Every year when Cinco de Mayo rolls around, businesses across the nation publish tongue-in-cheek social media posts that include sombreros, ponchos, tacos, and donkeys. They intend to celebrate US/Mexican culture in a fun and silly way, but that is not always how it comes off. These types of celebratory posts highlight harmful stereotypes about their […]

How to Never Lose a Hot Lead from a Paid Media Campaign

Think about the last time you researched something online. Maybe you were looking for a new doctor or even a romantic restaurant for an anniversary dinner. Whatever the situation, when you want information, you want it right away. Very few people want to spread out their research over multiple sessions, and most are looking for […]

How to Advertise on TikTok

TikTok is a video publishing platform that allows creators to record, edit, and upload one-minute videos. The sophisticated algorithm serves users content that they have already demonstrated interest in through liking and commenting, and therefore the entire experience is very customizable. For example, if you are interested in cooking, you may search for and like […]

Why You Should Be Texting Your Prospects and Customers

We are willing to bet that your smartphone is within 5 feet of you at this very moment. In fact, many of you are probably reading this article on a mobile device. You are not alone.  Recent studies have shown that the average smartphone user touches his or her phone more than 2,600 times every day. Our […]

The Chat Feature on Your Website Is Killing Your Marketing Budget

Several key metrics often measure marketing effectiveness. The first is website traffic. In order to attract customers, potential customers must be driven to your website. That is always the first step in any digital marketing campaign. Once there are visitors on your site, the next step is contact conversion, or how many people on your […]

Understanding the Importance of Marketing Tracking

Marketing is an area of your business that can cost a lot or a little. Some companies stick to minimal SEO optimization and rely on word-of-mouth for lead generation. Others invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in viral-worthy marketing stunts. Marketing is essentially a budgeting line item that can cost an arm and a leg, […]

How to Reach More Local Clients for Your Law Firm Than Ever Before

When Abogados Now starts working with a new law firm, we always ask them their marketing goals. 100% of our clients report that their priority goal is to attract new clients. When it comes to attracting new clients locally, visibility is the most critical factor. Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads are an excellent way […]

How Slow Website Speeds Can Cost You Customers

Have you ever had to wait for service for no apparent reason? Maybe you arrived at the front desk of a hotel, only to find no one there to help you. Perhaps you sat at a table in an empty restaurant and had to wait an unreasonable amount of time before anyone showed up to […]