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Legal Hispanic Market CTAs

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Compelling Legal Hispanic Market CTAs (Call to Action): A Guide To Enhancing Law Firm Conversions

Beyond clicks, click through rates, and other digital marketing metrics, there are conversions. Conversions are the most important of all digital marketing metrics because they measure the number of actual Spanish-speaking leads your Hispanic marketing efforts generate.

Law firms can increase their number of conversions and conversion rates by creating compelling calls to action (CTAs). Calls to action are just a fancy way of saying prompts; they’re merely prompts on a website that ask users to perform a specific action, such as signing up for a newsletter, downloading a demo, or buying a product. 

Calls to action are extremely important to digital marketing; Sixth City Marketing states that customized CTAs can convert up to 42% more visitors!

For attorneys, banners that advertise free consultations are perhaps the most effective CTAs. Direct and to-the-point, they give attorneys the opportunity to make a “sale” during no-cost, no-obligation phone calls or office visits, where Hispanic leads are at-ease.


Another CTA that brings law firms lots of Hispanic conversions is a button that allows users to sign up for email updates and WhatsApp updates. (As we noted on a previous blog, Hispanics are frequent users of WhatsApp (link).) Convincing Hispanic leads to sign up for updates about your firm allows you to engage them in a drip campaign where you can convince them of your effectiveness and expertise as an attorney over time.


Yet another CTA that could bring your firm lots of Hispanic conversions are buttons that allow leads to follow your various social media accounts. Demonstrating your effectiveness and expertise as an attorney over time on social media is another unobtrusive way to convert Hispanic leads into paying clients.

Remember, beyond clicks, click through rates, and other digital marketing metrics, conversions are your most important Hispanic marketing number. Calls to action can directly lead to conversions, and conversions can directly lead to paying Hispanic clients. Make sure to make good use of calls to action!

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