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Do I have to Speak Spanish to Work with Abogados Now?


Allow us to elaborate!

Abogados NOW specializes in bilingual marketing copy for attorneys and law firms. We can connect you with the Spanish-speaking market in your area, helping you grow your client base and increase your revenue. We have been doing this for years, and our prescriptive process for bilingual digital marketing reliably delivers fantastic results. Most clients assume that to serve the Spanish-speaking community, they need to be fluent in Spanish themselves to understand the marketing assets Abogados NOW creates and eventually work with the Spanish-speaking clients our efforts deliver. This is not the case. Let’s address each of those concerns separately.


Understanding Abogados NOW’s marketing collateral:

The Abogados NOW team is made up of digital marketing professionals. We are not reinventing the wheel when it comes to marketing to creating Spanish-language assets for a Spanish-speaking audience. We are taking digital marketing best practices, filtering through a lens of cultural competency, and translating them into Spanish. We will never make guarantees on your behalf, promise something you cannot deliver, or share something that you would not want shared. 

If you do have questions about what exactly the Spanish-language material means, all you have to do is ask. Spanish content will differ from English content slightly because the Spanish-speaking community values different things. For example, Spanish speakers prioritize family. When we create Spanish-language marketing content for your firm, we may address the prospect and their family instead of addressing the prospect alone. This will convert more clients. It is the difference between using Google Translate and hiring someone to interpret for you. Slang, inflection, and cultural values can be used in your favor when you hire bilingual marketing professionals. It is a layer of communication that you just cannot get with machine translation. 

Trust us, we have been doing this very successfully for a long time, and we are happy to discuss how and why we choose to do the things we do on your account. 


Working with Spanish-speaking clients:

This is perhaps the larger concern. If you market in Spanish but do not speak Spanish, what do you do when a Spanish-speaking client calls? You actually have several options. 

  1. Hire bilingual support staff who are comfortable interpreting for you. The best way to build trust among your client base is to have someone who can literally speak their language. This does not have to be you, but it should be someone who is intimately acquainted with your practice and the legal system. Hiring a trusted bilingual staff member is a quick and efficient way to navigate language barriers. Just make sure that your bilingual hire understands that interpreting will be a part of their job.
  2. Hire professional interpreters, or lean on an interpreting service. Every city is home to a handful of professional interpretation agencies. You can even find agencies that specialize in legal interpretation. When it comes to hiring professional interpreters, you have three modalities available to you: over-the-phone, video remote, and in-person. Over-the-phone is great because it is inexpensive, on-demand, and can connect you with interpreters in hundreds of languages. Video remote interpretation has similar advantages, plus it includes the added benefit of a visual connection. In-person is really the gold standard for interpretation, but in-person interpreters must be scheduled ahead and can be quite costly. We recommend that law firms contract with an interpreting company that can provide more than one interpretation modality to support different situations.


When you are working with experts in bilingual marketing and interpretation, there is no reason to worry about your own language barriers. 


When it comes to creating an effective bilingual marketing strategy for you, these are the steps Abogados NOW will take:

  1. We will get to know your practice and your firm. We do not do one-size-fits-all marketing. Before we start building any strategy, we will get to know your practice and your firm. We want to know what makes you unique. We will ask about past successes, what your clients appreciate about you, and what you want to be known for. We will then take that knowledge and use it in best-practice marketing. 
  2. We will research the local Spanish-speaking community in your area. Spanish speakers are not a monolith. There are cultural differences between different ethnic groups between immigrants and first-generation Spanish-speakers and socioeconomic classes. We will explore who your services would be best suited for in your community and tailor our messaging around that. 
  3. We will share our strategy with you. We like to see ourselves as your marketing partners. Everything we do, we want to do with full buy-in from you and your team. Once we have a sharable marketing strategy in place, we will share that strategy with you before implementing anything. 
  4. We will learn through testing and make adjustments as we go. There is no silver bullet in marketing, which is as true of Spanish-language marketing as English-language marketing. Our strategies are never final. As we try things with your brand, we will analyze the results and adjust our efforts to learn about how your target market behaves. We will constantly be fine-tuning our efforts until we have an incredibly well-functioning marketing machine. 


Do not let fear over a language barrier preclude you from engaging in bilingual marketing. The efforts we take at Abogados NOW can transform your business. Spanish-language marketing is large and underserved. Make yourself an indispensable resource by engaging in bilingual marketing. The best time to start was five years ago; the second-best time is today. 


Call Abogados NOW today to talk about the needs of your firm. We can guide you through the bilingual marketing process, and we can help you to achieve results. 

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Do I have to Speak Spanish to Work with Abogados Now?