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Hack” To Hispanic Legal Marketing

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The “Hack” To Hispanic Legal Marketing

Disclaimer: That title is clickbait. There are no hacks to marketing done right.

In an age dominated by AI and automation, it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeking quick solutions. It’s tempting to find the cheapest rate. After all, it seems like there’s an online provider for every marketing service from copywriting to graphic design to video production.

Many businesses will seek quick fixes to boost their efficiency and profit margins — or they’ll create a ragtag “team” of freelancers to handle their marketing needs. If you’ve done this or are currently doing it, you know how managing your expectations alone can be a headache. 

So it’s no surprise that if you try to take shortcuts with something as complex as culturally-centered advertising, you will absolutely get what you pay for. Let’s dive into what that means in the context of Spanish Legal Marketing. 

Watch this video of Hugo E. Gomez, Founder of Abogados Now, as he shares the insight that grounds his company's strategic framework for Spanish marketing:

What sets Hispanic Legal Marketing apart is its custom approach that defies the one-size-fits-all mentality. Unlike traditional marketing strategies that only track consumer behavior, Hispanic marketing requires a deep understanding of culture and the immigrant makeup of local communities.

This level of nuance just can’t be achieved through Google Translate or even generic marketing tactics. Instead, it demands a personalized approach that resonates with the target audience on a deeper level. Take for example, the understanding of preferred legal services.

While many non-Hispanics seek domestic legal services such as home closings, divorces, and wills, Hispanics often seek legal services for cases related to injuries and immigration.

Therefore, attorneys who offer injury or immigration law through Spanish marketing can expect their services to be in high demand in the Hispanic community. Consider this reporting from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, that reflect both law specialties:     

Foreign-born Hispanic or Latino workers made up 7.9 percent of total employment in 2020. However, this group accounted for 26.3 percent of fatalities resulting from falls, slips, and trips, and 18.4 percent of fatalities from contact with objects and equipment. 

(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) 

Understanding these statistics provides the basis of a digital marketing campaign from either labor and immigration firms for an audience base that is in urgent need of their legal services.

Question is: What’s the most effective way to execute on this insight? To turn a mere idea into a business move?

That’s something only an expert can answer.

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