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Google Stats Prove Your Law Firm Needs A Bilingual Digital Marketing Strategy

Have you ever heard the term “Spanglish”? In case you haven’t, its a colloquial term that refers to the casual mixing of Spanish and English. It can look like this, hombre. Or, it can mean switching between the two languages casually, sometimes even within the same conversation. Most people assume Spanglish is reserved for spoken communication. Still, some illuminating Google stats have recently revealed that people are searching for things in Spanglish too – and they are going to expect bilingual results.

A Google Consumer Survey recently reported that most mobile users who identify as Hispanic either search in English or search in a mix of English and Spanish. That means that someone looking for “local attorneys” today might search for “abogados Los Angeles” tomorrow. Your page may show up for their first search, but if you are not focusing on Spanish-language keywords, you almost certainly will not show up on their second search, which could cost you an important client.

The best way to make sure you are maximizing your Google results is to offer bilingual material. Everything you say in English should also be said in Spanish. That way, someone searching for “ayuda with the law” can choose whether they want to read your material in English or Spanish. Anyone who casually flips between two prominent languages will appreciate the choice.

Implementing bilingual marketing strategies, especially online where switching between two versions of the same content is as easy as pushing a button, can set you apart from the local competition. Do not miss the opportunity to speak your consumer’s language – and that language is Spanglish.

So brainstorm a campaign, draft some copy, hire a translator, and wait for the new business to roll in.

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