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Here Are 3 Marketing Factors To Consider During The Holidays

1. Anticipating Ad Spend Trends

As the holiday season kicks into gear, you can expect both major retailers and other organizations of all sizes to start pumping their ads like no tomorrow.

This will result in a sharp increase in bids across all sectors and keywords on Facebook.

Given the increase in theft, DUI, and assault that can occur during this time, it’s especially pertinent to make sure that your firm is visible, findable, and accessible.

Be sure to carefully monitor your Facebook ad spend and consider reallocating your budget toward less competitive platforms. Google and Yahoo are two examples of channels unaffected by retail peaks.

Beyond that, you may also take this opportunity to buy ad space on legal directories such as Clio or Martindale-Hubbell. Be sure to also look for popular legal directories in your local area to promote your services.

Another ad platform basically made for legal services that remains unaffected by holiday surges is Quora. Use Quora to target search intents for legal topics to better advise your firm’s specific services. To amplify your effectiveness on Quora (and other ad platforms), make sure to do your due diligence on legal topics that are especially relevant to your local Hispanic population.

2. Spreading Holiday Cheer

It sounds cheesy and tacky, but that’s because it’s as tacky as it is effective.

Especially for your local Hispanic population, community outreach goes a long way in humanizing your firm and increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Consider creating holiday-specific contests, giveaways, or promotions to encourage audience interaction without breaking the bank. 

Things like branded merchandise, turkey giveaways, charity drives, or local youth group sponsorships spread awareness and fosters a genuine connection with your community.

You can also personalize your holiday wishes with a short video with your team. The key is to make this genuine. Putting out a candid video shows you care about more than just profits.

Consider partnering with local awareness groups for traffic accidents and DUI’s to film an informational video as part of your holiday wishes outreach.

A little creativity goes a long way!

3. Updating Your Holiday Availability

The last thing you’d want is for someone to reach out to your firm and get rebuffed with a sour taste in their mouth because nobody was there to help them. 

Always make sure to update your website, social media, Google, and Yelp profiles to reflect your holiday hours. Make changes to your call routing systems to keep your audience informed of any changes to your schedule as well as any other pertinent info.

You can also partner up with other firms to redirect missed clients to a firm that chooses to stay open during your holiday hours. You can even coordinate when your offices will be closed to help with intake.

This has the added benefit of fostering a healthy relationship with other firms in your area as well as showing your community that you care for their needs that transcends competition and profit.

In line with holiday hours, make sure not to run ads when you’re not in the office. You wouldn’t want to waste money on ads during a time when no one can even handle the intake.

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