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How to Capitalize on Website Trends in 2021


Graphic design is a hallmark of a good website. When a website is designed well, all of the elements come together in a way that just feels right. When one is designed poorly on the other hand, it creates user frustration and confusion. Your goal should be to design a website that attracts customers, which of course begs the question: what are the elements that are going to attract customers in 2021?

The later half of 2020 saw a move to more subtle visual design elements on websites. Design choices such as the return of Serif fonts, the implementation of textured backgrounds, the subtle inclusion of micro-animations, and website pages that changed with scroll all contributed to a modern take on minimalism. Minimalism with flair, if you will.

Going into 2021, we expect to see a continuation of those trends. You may think that given the tough financial year last year, your firm may not be able to afford a website redesign. The good news is that the advent of powerful online design programs make it so that even those with limited artistic ability can churn out designer-level content, which means you can update your look at a minimal cost. 

Here are some of our favorite online creative tools:

  • Canva: Canva is a drag-and-drop design tool that allows amateur designers to create stunning visual images. Canva provides templates for presentations, social media graphics, logos, flyers, and more. It even comes pre-loaded with thousands of stock images, photo filters, and free icons that allow you to create a truly unique and impactful image. 
  • Visme: Visme bills itself as the “#1 online design software for non-designers”. Their software allows you to create a suite of on-brand material, including presentations, interactive infographics, printables, and more. It also allows you to store all of your visual communication in one place for easy access. 
  • Snappa: Snappa is a two-in-one creation and publication platform. It comes with pre-sized image slots for social media content, and even has some impactful templates for your team to use. It has been featured in significant online marketing platforms like Hubspot and Shopify, and is easy for non-graphic designers to use.

It is important to remember that DIY graphic design is not always the answer. If your firm is looking to do a complete website redesign, these tools may not have the capabilities needed to complete the job. If, however, you are looking to bolster your social media presence or create some visually appealing infographics for your site, then Canva, Visme, and Snappa are fantastic options.

Knowing what you can do yourself and what you need to outsource is a skill. If cost is an issue, always start by attempting to complete a project internally. You may be surprised by what your team can pull off.

When in doubt, lean on a marketing agency. Agencies stay on the cutting edge of marketing software, and will know which directions to point you in for projects outside of their scope. Remember, marketing is always evolving. Trends come and trends go. The best way to keep your brand relevant is to stay on top of them.

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