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How To Secure Positive Client Reviews for Your Law Firm

Online reviews are incredibly powerful. Most consumers nowadays google a business before considering working with them and looking to third-party reviews for honest opinions on the business or service. A substantial cache of online reviews can do wonders for your business, which leaves many business owners wondering, how can I secure them?

The good and bad news is that there is no trick to securing positive online reviews. To secure a positive review, you need to provide stellar service. If you offer sub-par legal representation, then there is no magic phrase you can utter to compel your clients to leave a glowing review. The big secret behind securing good reviews is that you have to earn them. However, there are steps you can take that will inspire your clients to leave you a useful review. 

If you want your firm to enjoy positive online reviews, make sure that you are doing the following:

  • Create a warm and welcoming environment. People who need legal representation are rarely having an easy time. By demonstrating kindness and compassion, you can start on the right foot from the beginning. Look for these qualities in whoever you choose as a receptionist.
  • Don’t keep your clients in the dark. Explain the legal process to them in plain language, and establish trust by keeping them in the loop every step of the way.
  • Tell your clients that you appreciate them. After all, without them, you wouldn’t have a practice, so make sure that everyone you work with feels valued. 
  • Be genuine. No one likes someone who is cloying. If you are only putting on a “nice guy” act intending to secure a review, your clients will notice.
  • Gently remind clients that review platforms are out there. You should never beg for a review, but it is perfectly acceptable to gently encourage them to share it publicly if your client has a great experience. 
  • Remember that the reviews are about the client experience. They are not about you. Focus on improving the client experience, and good reviews will start rolling in before you know it!

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