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The Tremendous Power Of Publishing A Bilingual Legal Newsletter

Publishing a bilingual legal newsletter can be an excellent way to attract new Hispanic clients to your law firm. According to Upland Software, newsletters earn an astounding 22% click through rate, and viewers spend 80% more time reading a newsletter than they spend viewing other media. Let’s take a look at how publishing a bilingual legal newsletter can help your firm gain Hispanic leads:

1) There exists little competition for readership in the Spanish-language media landscape of today.

With the decline of newspapers, there are few opportunities for Hispanics to get written news in Spanish. If you publish a bilingual legal newsletter, you’re basically creating your own media niche. If your firm serves a smaller metro area, your newsletter may literally be the only written Spanish-language media in town.

2) You can have a virtual monopoly on bilingual legal news in your area.

If you publish a bilingual legal newsletter, you can basically create a monopoly on legal news in Spanish for your area. Imagine the potential for gaining Hispanic leads by publishing the local Hispanic community’s source for legal news. Think of the name recognition that could create!

3) You can feature prominent members of the Hispanic community in every edition of your newsletter. (Really!)

Whereas it may be difficult to get frequent appearances from prominent members of the local Hispanic community on video, it’s not difficult to get frequent quotes from them for your newsletter. By frequently quoting prominent members of the community, you can “feature” community leaders in every edition! You can’t come anywhere close to doing that with video.

4) Your newsletter and social media presence can cross-pollinate.

By publishing a bilingual legal newsletter and nurturing a strong community following on social media simultaneously, you can grow subscribers from your social media followers and social media followers from your subscribers. You can use social media to discuss previous articles from your newsletter and promote new articles.

Publishing a bilingual legal newsletter is inexpensive and requires little investment in time or effort. You can use a newsletter to break legal news of interest to the local Hispanic community, to promote legal events that cater to the community, to discuss legal issues of interest to the community, and more. The possibilities are nearly endless!

If you aren’t publishing a bilingual legal newsletter, then you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity. If you need help with publishing a newsletter or any other Hispanic legal marketing asset, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Tremendous Power Of Publishing A Bilingual Legal Newsletter