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Building trust is integral to gaining new Hispanic clients

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Gain Hispanic Clients By Hosting Legal Webinars In Spanish

Building trust is integral to gaining new Hispanic clients. According to Neilsen, trust is the #1 factor driving sales in the Hispanic community.

One way to build trust in the local Hispanic community is by publishing videos and social media posts that speak to the unique legal needs of the community. Another is by hosting legal webinars that are geared to Hispanics in your area.

Legal webinars are a very effective marketing tool. According to Webinar Software, 85% of marketers say that webinars are crucial for their marketing efforts. Indeed, National Law Review says the following about the effectiveness of legal webinars:

Hosting webinars at your law firm can yield numerous benefits, ranging from attracting new clients and nurturing existing relationships to establishing your firm as an industry leader.

By hosting legal webinars, you can show your local Hispanic community that you have a deep understanding of its unique legal needs, you’re excited about interacting with members of the community, and you care enough about the community that you’re willing to devote the time and effort needed to give it free, valuable legal information.

So, what are some topics you can discuss in your webinars? Some ideas can be based on legal news of interest to your local Hispanic community and legal issues relevant to your local Hispanic community. Here are some ideas based on type of law:

  • Immigration Lawyers: “Here are the things you should be preparing for as you are waiting for your visa.”
  • Bankruptcy Attorneys: “Avoid predatory loan sharks that are taking advantage of your debt status.”
  • Worker’s Comp: “Are you being exposed to unsafe working conditions? Here are the signs that you have grounds to sue your boss.”

It’s important to delegate hosting of your webinars to your Spanish-speaking staff. According to CSA Research, 76% of the population prefers to purchase goods or services using information that’s presented in their native language. Remember, the point of the webinars is to earn the Hispanic community’s trust. You need to make a native Spanish speaker your liaison to the community in order to earn its trust.

Abogados NOW specializes in video production…we can assist with the creation of your legal webinars in Spanish and help you earn your local Hispanic community’s trust through our various a la carte Hispanic legal marketing services.

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