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Gain New Hispanic Clients By Hosting Law Events In Your Local Hispanic Community

While digital marketing is perhaps the most important component of a law firm’s Hispanic marketing strategy, in-person marketing is important, too. You can host local law events to attract Hispanic clients, and you can participate in one or more of the following law events in your local Hispanic community.

1) Free consultations at mobile consulate events.

As we noted in a previous blog, mobile consulate events are becoming increasingly frequent throughout the United States, even in remote parts of the country. These are excellent marketing opportunities for your law firm: Most mobile consulate events offer space in which attorneys can set up a table and interact with members of the Hispanic community. Pro tip: Use the space to give free consultations!

2) Free Hispanic-themed events at your law firm.

Does your law firm own property? Then use it to host a cultural event! If you have any significant space, be it a parking lot or an open field, you have space for a Hispanic-oriented event. You could choose among a wide variety of event themes: a food truck rodeo, a local Hispanic music festival, an arts and crafts fair, a swap meet, and more! The possibilities are nearly endless…the idea is to convince different subsets of the Hispanic community to congregate in front of your law office.

3) Free consultations at third party Hispanic-oriented events.

Nearly every metro area in the country has an annual Hispanic cultural festival…some parts of the country that have large Hispanic populations have cultural festivals for different countries of origin. If your law firm doesn’t have space to host its own Hispanic-oriented festival, it can always give free consultations at an existing one. Or, it can give free consultations at an existing festival and host its own!

4) Free Hispanic-oriented law clinics.

Your firm could discuss legal issues of interest to the Hispanic community at law clinics that it hosts itself. You could create an agenda, rent some space (or use your own property), and spread the word through local Hispanic media. The local Hispanic media might even agree to promote your clinic in exchange for signage at the event. 

You might consider making your clinic a standalone event or part of the programming at the Hispanic-themed event you host at your law firm.

A strong online presence is an integral part of your Hispanic law marketing. But it shouldn’t be the only marketing you do: You can also host local law events to attract Hispanic clients and attend other events.

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