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Get Great Local SEO For Your Law Firm’s Spanish-Language Site

As we recommended in a previous blog, it’s important to have a dedicated website for your potential Hispanic clients. Now that you have a dedicated Spanish-language website, you need to get a good local search ranking for it. Here are some SEO strategies for Spanish law firm websites:

1) Optimize your Google Business Profile. 

In another previous blog, we showed you how to optimize your Google Business Profile. Since the search ranking of your GBP strongly influences the ranking of your site, you definitely want to follow those tips. Don’t forget that you can create a separate GBP for each of your Spanish-speaking attorneys and link those profiles to your Spanish-language site.

2) Localize your content.

Create pages for areas that have large concentrations of potential Hispanic clients. For example, if you have a law firm in Metro Atlanta and you want to target the huge Hispanic population of Gwinnett County, you might create a separate page for each of the county’s largest towns: Lawrenceville, Duluth, Snellville, Norcross, Suwanee, etc. 

Since creating individual core pages (pages in the menu) for each town would be awkward, you could create blog posts pertaining to each. Make sure to write copy that’s compelling…don’t use universal content with interchangeable town names!

3) Get mentions in Spanish-language local media.

As we explained in yet another blog, getting mentions in local media boosts your search ranking by increasing the number of links from sites that Google considers authoritative and increasing the number of people who google your site. 

Getting mentioned in local media also helps you market your law firm to potential Hispanic clients due to the fact that it’s free publicity from a trusted community news source. If you’re trying to get new Hispanic clients, you should absolutely be growing relationships with local Spanish-language media!

Getting a good local ranking on Google is integral to the success of your Hispanic legal marketing efforts. By following the above local SEO strategies for Spanish law firm websites, you should be able to get a good ranking and a steady flow of potential Hispanic clients.

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