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10 Proven Ways PRO Law Firms Maximize Bilingual Lead Generation And Conversion

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10 Proven Ways PRO Law Firms Maximize Bilingual Lead Generation And Conversion

In the United States, Hispanics continue to be the nation’s fastest-growing demographic. If your law wants to grow, it needs to tap the underserved Hispanic market. Here are 10 ways that the nation’s top law firms are gaining and converting new Hispanic clients:

1) They partner with an expert Hispanic legal marketing agency like Abogados NOW.

The top law firms focus on practicing law and hire an expert legal marketing agency to bring leads to them. They realize that they are LAW FIRMS, not marketing firms.

2) They produce an abundance of video content.

Pro law firms realize that Hispanics consume more video content than any other demographic. They make a big splash using the medium that Hispanics consume most: streaming video.

3) They produce an abundance of social media content.

The most successful law firms also understand that Hispanics spend more time on social media than any other demographic. They make a big splash on social media platforms, too.

4) They create Google Business Profiles for each of their Spanish-speaking attorneys.

As we noted in a previous blog, Google allows law firms to create profiles for each of their Hispanic attorneys. This gives them an extreme advantage in terms of online presence.

5) They link their GBPs to a dedicated Spanish-language website.

As we noted in a recent blog, pro law firms create websites in Spanish to build awareness in the Hispanic community in their area. Then, they link their Spanish-langauge GBPs to them.

6) They advertise on Google with Google Ads.

Since Google Ads can be expensive, the top law firms partner with an expert Hispanic law marketing agency to make the most of their advertising budget. By partnering with a specialized agency, they can ensure they’re getting the most value for their money.

7) They delegate their intake calls to Spanish-speakers.

Pro law firms understand that Hispanics prefer to do business in their native language. They delegate native Spanish speakers who show genuine care for the Hispanic community.

8) They respond to inquiries fast!

As we noted in yet another previous blog, the early bird gets the worm in terms of converting Hispanic leads. 

9) They maintain a high profile in the local Hispanic community.

Pro law firms consistently have a presence at Hispanic-oriented events such as mobile consulate visits and cultural festivals.

10) They remarket effectively.

As we showed in one more previous blog, the top law firms know how to convert older leads.

Following these tips can be lucrative but daunting. If you’d like expert guidance, Abogados NOW is always here to help! Remember, your competitors are improving their Hispanic legal marketing whether you are or not.

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